You can’t blow bubbles with nicotine gum

I remember you from a memory
Half a second before I was born

We met, loved, and smoked the ether eternal
You showed me your heart, I gave you my journal

A hundred and fifty six moons
Shone their borrowed light on us

Some gods blessed us
Others chased us down
Lightyears for a laugh
It was a bit suss. No fuss.

In the running, we found our feet
Clay turns to stone under the heat
29 milliseconds later, we would be meat
Not knowing if we’d ever remember or miss
Beauty; boundless, bare
Bass to the snare

The trauma of the tear hit us, unaware.
Knocked us out like coconut in the hair.

Took me a while to remember you.

But I do.

I remember the warmth of a million suns
That couldn’t melt the walls you did.

I remember reaching into you
Tasting the fruits you hid

I remember being devoured,
In the infinity within you, showered
In the darkness, light
Fighting the hopeless fight

I hope you remember me
With half the ache
That holds me awake

I hope you remember
the other half of that second
spent outside of time.

When you weren’t you
And I wasn’t I

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