Web Update #1C24VY075JH89

AbstrCAT It ALlLlLlLlL

AbstrCAT n ve r fail

AbstrCAT meowmemeemememeomw

That should be enough to keep the other internet away.

I’m listening to TM Krishna. I like his voice. I don’t know what the words mean but I’m sure they’re good words. The best words. The veena is a weirdly metal instrument. Like, I think I get why people were so into it. In this song, it is a bassy metal vibrating rotating sound playing the same three notes over and over again, providing a nice background for T.M. Krishna to do painting with the precise, finely tuned, bristly brush of his voice.

Is that how critics write?

Did I get it right?

Blegh who cares.

Here’s the album: https://open.spotify.com/album/67NHF4SlbXkcjCuAF0NCty?si=yInCVJvZS4it5MgFyyTE6w&dl_branch=1

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