An Evening With Myntra As A Trans Femme-ish Non Binary Person

this piece used to be a twitter thread


myntra’s XL size chart has a 32″ waist requirement and i can’t actually imagine these proportions that myntra is trying to conjure, let alone embodying them

a screen shot of the size chart. Size S To Fit Bust 34 inches and Waist 26 inches. Size M To Fit Bust 36 inches and Waist 28 inches. Size L To Fit Bust 38 inches and Waist 30 inches. Size XL To Fit Bust 40 inches and Waist 32 inches.


or is the way forward to just find the nice sellers? because that involves clicking into individual products, looking at their size charts (if present), then get either disappointed or lucky. which seems like insane UX design.


ok wait there’s a size filter.


what in the actual fuck. what do these numbers even refer to. the numbers go from 21 through 56 then there’s XXS through 10XL AND THEN, JUST TO FUCK WITH YOU, WE HAVE FORWARD SLASHES IN SOME OF THEM

a screenshot of myntra's size options. the tweet describes the options.


arre waah they have a separate section and all for plus size. sorry it was mistake for assuming plus size clothes are just normal clothes but bigger. didn’t know i had to go hunt down a separate category.

a screenshot showing the categorisation on plus size is a category like "watches and wearables" "sunglasses and frames" "beauty and personal care" etc

finally a chart that makes sense (for me) (your body has a separate chart that makes sense. makes you wonder if it’s this hard to find a tee shirt, how exactly does one go about looking for a soulmate?)
the size chart for a tshirt called "plus S women blue printed round neck tshirt". this size selected is Size XXL to Fit Bust 40 inches and Waist 39 inches.


anyway, thanks for sticking around. now i’m gonna go tshirt hunting.


well it’s that time of the evening where i outrage against no non-binary / trans options in the account creation page. @myntra do better.

the account creation page with only two gender options


oh for fucks’ sake. creating an account cleared my cart.


done. had to re-add shit. about an hour this took, end to end.


Here’s me in one of the tops I bought.

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